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ART ART.B. LOGISTIC is a company specializing in various types of transport on the European market (refrigerating, container, general cargo). The success of ART.B. LOGISTIC is based on strong focusing on the needs of our clients, supported by highest standards of technology and level of service. The main goal of ART.B. LOGISTIC is the participation in development of our clients. Our main asset is our experience in transportation of valuable cargo, exposed to risk of robbery in particular and carriage of food exposed in particular to the risk of damage during the transport. Our experience gained on this field is transferred effectively to transportation of each other type of goods.

For those reasons and based on our common long standing experience on the logistics market, we are sure to be the best partner for processing ordered services. For those reasons we are convinced as well of our preparedness to establish a long standing cooperation with our clients in the future, where ART.B. LOGISTIC company will process with great pleasure and due professionalism required services. Moreover very important in our cooperation with clients is the fact that each services processed by us are preceded with a detailed analysis. Only such behavior makes us sure that the applied solution will suit expectations and current needs of our client.

COOPERATION with rules

Our method of cooperation with transporting companies (companies of our carriers) is the process of incorporating them into our network. Specially selected carriers guarantee the best quality of provided services. Cooperation with our partners from transporting companies is based on mutual respect and stabilization. In return for our professional attitude we receive guarantee that each order will be processed according to the expectations of our clients.

The goal of our cooperation is full ‘takeover’ of management over the transporting company, we are cooperating with. Such a model guarantees full control over the fleet, processing the orders of our clients.


Our experience in the food sector enables to suit to the needs of each client. We are aware that in the logistics business, embankment plans may change each day, even every hour, whereas the industry specifics are not that important at all. We are ready for that and we are able to react quickly for each change. Our goal is not only the best quality of service provided to our clients, but mainly meeting the needs of our clients.
Our motto is: „We are there for you”. It means that the needs of our clients are prioritized.


The ability of implementing the best solutions and technologies are the decisive factor determining our success. Technologically advanced logistic solutions cause, that we are ready to pass every information concerning transported cargo.

For this type of tasks, we established a special department in our company, responsible for the safety of entrusted cargos. Security Department – continuous GPS monitoring of the fleet, GSM available for our clients 24/7 .

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